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How Do I Know If I Signed a Reaffirmation Agreement

If you`ve recently filed for bankruptcy and have been discharged, you may have signed a reaffirmation agreement without even knowing it. A reaffirmation agreement is a legal document that is signed by a debtor and a creditor during a bankruptcy case. It basically states that the debtor will pay off a specific debt, even though it would typically be discharged (…)

Is It Better to Hire an Employee or Contractor

When it comes to getting work done, businesses have several options, including hiring employees and contractors. Many factors come into play when deciding whether to hire an employee or contractor, including legal, financial, and strategic considerations. Let`s explore the pros and cons of each option to help you decide which one is better for your business.


An employee is a person (…)

Cancel Your Debt Settlement Contract

Cancel Your Debt Settlement Contract: What You Need to Know

Debt settlement companies have become increasingly popular among those struggling with debt. However, if you`ve signed a debt settlement contract, you may be wondering if it`s possible to cancel it. The short answer is yes, you can cancel your debt settlement contract at any time. However, there are some important things (…)